Lambert St. Louis International Airport

St. Louis, MO

The firm and its team of consultants have led its clients through the Part 150 environmental process, reconciliation of land parcels, drafting deeds and acquisition of property.  In addition, CAPC worked with the consulting team to secure of grant funds for airport projects.

Airport Privatization Feasibility Study Environmental Site Assessment Phase I

CAPC was part of the team performing a feasibility study for the potential privatization of the airport including public and private partnership (P3) options. CAPC’s role is to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Limited Environmental Compliance Assessment for the airport, which consists of approximately 2,700 acres.
This assessment required us to work with airport and environmental federal, state and local regulatory agencies and airport administration and to review current and past documentation as well as visit all airport tenants and tour and evaluate all the facilities. 

Environmental Management Airport Expansion

As a consultant to the St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Charbonnet & Associates Planners and Consultants assisted with the development and completion of the 20-year, $2.8 billion airport development and expansion program of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The plan evolved around a new 9,000 square foot runway (Runway 11-29) and extensive terminal redevelopments. CAPC‘s task work centered on construction phasing schedules, improvement cost estimates, land acquisition procedures, and sequencing, permitting and facility relocation plans.
The St. Louis Airport expansion included construction of Runway 11-29. CAPC staff provided consulting services throughout the expansion program.
It was because of the firm’s experience in construction estimating and scheduling, that CAPC was asked to provide scheduling during our work with for the Lambert- St. Louis Master Plan. CAPC was specifically called upon to develop time and cost estimation shells for the airport’s expansion.
In addition to the master plan and construction administrative services, Charbonnet & Associates also provided environmental management services. CAPC developed and implemented the environmental impact analyses and mitigation plans, day-to-day management and monitoring testing activities and the development of new environmental management systems, through coordination with airport tenants. CAPC staff also coordinated all expansion related activities with concerned regulatory agencies, municipal entities, airport tenants and the airports administration.
The Lambert International Environmental Management Plan received an environmental achievement award in the Large Airport Category on Environment Management in the U.S. by ACI.
Lambert Airport Expansion Program Lindbergh Blvd. Tunnel Construction