Jackson Municipal Airport Authority

Jackson, MS

Master Planning

CAPC assisted in two airport master plan updates for the City of Jackson, MS for the Jackson-Evers International Airport and its general aviation airport, Hawkins Field.  Services focused on the projection of future facility requirements, logistical scheduling and cost estimation for facility relocations and improvements.


Environmental Consulting

CAPC performed Environmental Reconnaissance Services for the airport’s Intermodal Facility Study. These activities include the establishment of an existing baseline survey of wildlife, ground water, noise, archaeological and environmental justice issues among others. These services also include traffic activity data collection, as well as the development and implementation of the overall study’s Public Information Plan.
CAPC is also performing Environmental Site Assessment work for Jackson Airport Authority’s Hawkins Field General Aviation Airport. This scope of this project includes the development of an environmental management program,
communication plans, the management and monitoring of Phase I, II and III, and, if necessary, mitigation activities. These activities center on the location and removal of all established and non-established, aboveground and subsurface environmental hazards.
Hawkins Field Airport is a formerly used defense site. The army occupied the site until 1949 when the city took it over. Therefore, CAPC worked closely with the Army Corps of Engineers on this project to determine areas for which the Corps was responsible and to achieve funding for remediation of those areas.