England Economic and Industrial Development District (EEIDD)

Alexandria, LA

EEIDD retained CAPC to establish and manage all aspects of Alexandria International Airport’s Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE) Program. As SDBE Program specialists, CAPC’s scope of services was divided into two distinct phases. 
The first phase of the services was to ensure that Alexandria’s SDBE Program complies with all applicable federal guidelines. CAPC was charged with the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the SDBE Program and submitting revisions to the Federal Aviation Administration for approval.
CAPC also monitored the various aspects of the DBE program in an effort to ensure that the DBE Program remained in compliance whenever the Federal Aviation Administration promulgated new regulations and guidelines. 
The second aspect of CAPC’s involvement at Alexandria International was to implement and operate the SDBE Program. As such, CAPC established an office in Alexandria that served as the Airport’s DBE Program Office. To that end, CAPC staff also acted as the Airport’s DBE Liaison Officer.
It was CAPC’s primary responsibility to recruit potential DBEs to participate in the Airport’s planned $40 million Airport Improvement Program. CAPC staff worked closely with community leaders, airport staff and design professionals to make sure that the Airport set realistic goals for SDBE participation, and that those goals were met.
A major component of CAPC’s work in Alexandria was to assist potential DBEs in the certification process. To do so, CAPC began an extensive campaign to inform the local community of opportunities at the Airport. CAPC assisted each of the potential DBE’s in the certification process. CAPC conducted seminars for potential DBE’s on topics that ranged from obtaining surety bonding to bidding on jobs. CAPC’s efforts in this area created a stronger economy for the city of Alexandria by developing emerging businesses in the area.