General Consulting

Charbonnet & Associates staff can provide a range of consulting services. CAPC has performed and continues to perform a myriad of studies for its clients.

CAPC was contracted to conduct a pair of feasibility studies for the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. The first of these projects involved examining the development of an intermodal State of Louisiana Visitors Center in New Orleans. In the second study, CAPC considered the viability of developing a Louisiana golf trail within the state park system.

Charbonnet & Associates, in partnership with Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc., provided administration and management services for the City of Shreveport on the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey and wastewater Master Plan and EPA/DOJ Negotiations on Sewer Systems. CAPC provided project administration, contracting, communication and reporting, code requirements, document management, quality assurance and scheduling.

In addition, CAPC assisted in the analysis of historical sanitary sewer overflows (SS0) compiling a database of SSO characteristics, capacity assessments, future wastewater flow projections and financial analysis of the improvements and to maintain the system.

CAPC participated in the Drainage Runoff Control Project in the Village of Skokie, Illinois. This project involved the construction and installation of sewer lines. During the project, on-site staff performed daily inspection services. These services included the regular observation and documentation of contractors’ operations and material testing. 

CAPC was also selected to develop an Owner’s Controlled Insurance Program for the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority.

CAPC has performed facility expansion planning services for the Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, La. As part these services, CAPC staff reviewed the architectural, structural, and functional aspects of the existing complex and evaluated a number of expansion feasibility concerns. This information was gathered to compile regulatory requirements with regard to use, occupancy, construction, egress, special equipment, and safety concerns. The information collected was also utilized to develop conceptual plans, spatial relationships, and construction schedules.

Representative Projects

Inter-Modal Louisiana Visitors Welcome Center

Louisiana State Park Golf Trail Feasibility Study

Village of Skokie Runoff Control Project (Skokie, IL)

Southern University Law Center Expansion Feasibility Study (Baton Rouge, LA)

Harrah's Hotel Low-Rise Expansion Project (Shreveport, LA)

St. John Parish Animal Control Facility Study

New Orleans Regional Transit Integration Study

General Aviation Consulting (Shreveport, LA)