Small and Disadvantaged Business Consulting

Charbonnet & Associates is a certified DBE and, as such, is particularly sensitive to the needs, problems, and goals of small and disadvantaged firms. The firm has undergone the transition from a fledgling upstart company to an  established transportation-consulting firm operating regionally for more than 20 years. It has participated in projects as prime consultants, contributed as sub-consultants and participated in joint venture partnerships. 

Our staff has the knowledge, vision, skills and tenacity to bring together the necessary input, standards, knowledge and resources to produce and complete an effective diversity program.

We understand the federal regulations and requirements and can work to ensure compliance. All our work is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. CAPC associates are competent and confident that we can provide the best possible service every time and continue to have long-standing relationships with our clients.

The CAPC staff have are experts in providing consulting services to public entities seeking to increase the number of small, disadvantaged businesses providing services and supplies for their business.